Compound movements are a key part of most Mad Fit Programming, and the squat is a powerful excersize to master. Squats are great for targeting not only the hamstrings, but also the glutes and quads. Achieving good squat form can be hard! But it’s so worth mastering – say hello booty gains 🤗🍑. Here are my tips for mastering your squat form (beyond lots of practice)!


Kettlebell Squats or Goblet Squats

If you’re new to the squatting game Kettlebell Squats or Goblet Squats are a good way to get familiar with the squat movement. This squat exercise is a a great one that can also help you adjust and learn proper squat form. To master this exercise you are going to want to practice hitting depth with this movement.


Aim for Parallel

Your hamstrings should be parallel to the floor. One way to ensure you are “hitting depth” is by moving the bars on the side of the rack to be at the level you should be hitting. Ideally your want your legs to resemble at least 90 degrees.  Once you master your form you’re ready to move to back squats.


Video Yourself

How will you know that your form is right if you can’t see your form? Exactly, you can’t. I recommend videoing your squat and having your coach or friend review it. I know this may feel uncomfortable, but if you want to improve you may have to do some things that feel a little out of your comfort zone.



Timing is everything. One trick I use when getting the movement timing right is counting. Count to 3 as you descend. This helps you ensure you aren’t rushing the downward motion. If you are able to shoot up after you reach parallel in the movement.


Keep it Low

You want to select a weight that you can do, with moderate difficulty, for 10-12 reps. There is no need to get a big ego and go up in weight until your form is right. Also don’t move up in weight if your form will suffer, it puts your body at risk for injury which just isn’t worth it.


Now hit the weight rack and perfect that squat- here’s to the gains!!

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