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How I Got Mad Fit

My dedication to fitness first began in high school. I worked hard to achieve tumbling tricks and passes so that I could be on the cheer team. I found myself at my local gymnastics gym, almost every Saturday to improve my skills. My summer mornings typically began at the track field running, conditioning, and stretching with my teammates. During competition season I spent countless hours tumbling at the gym working my butt off to improve or running through routines.
Sophomore of high school year the track coach convinced me to join the track team. I had no clue I would end up running mid-distance and rack up mile- after mile- after mile. I caught the running bug, and would continue to run in the summers. During this time I really lacked core nutritional knowledge. I knew I needed carbs to have energy for track meets, but I also thought cutting carbs 2 weeks before a dance would make me skinny.. because carbs make you fat, P.S. I was so wrong. The way I understood nutrition was based only on the limited information my coach told me, my family's beliefs, and the one health class which was required in middle school.
College... here is where it all went downhill. See I always had sports to keep me in shape, healthy, and looking great, but now things were about to change. I received a cheerleading scholarship, but decided I wanted to focus on my education, so I no longer had it to keep me accountable. Add some life struggles (aka depression) to campus food halls, and I found myself 30 pounds overweight my sophomore year of college. UGH! I was desperate to get my old body back.
After spending almost a year hating my body, I decided enough was enough, it was time to take control of my health. I hired a personal trainer. It was enough to get me off the ground & working out, but I was still stuck. The meal plans I received from my personal trainer were not sustainable and led me to binge eat or just not follow the programming at all.
I went back to something I knew worked. In 2009 I came across macro counting, but at that time I hadn't yet gained a significant amount of weight and I tracked briefly but never stuck with it. In 2013 I started seeking and searching for answers to lose weight, and I once again stumbled upon macros. I saw girls who had the bodies I wanted eating a variety of foods, even ice cream and still getting results! I knew I needed to try macro counting again. I started counting macros and following a Bodybuilding.com weightlifting program. I LOST 20 POUNDS! But then something happened, I found myself going back to my binge eating habits.
I had worked so hard physically, but I still needed to work on the mental aspect of weight loss, this is when I realized I couldn't do it alone. I knew I needed to do something different, I needed accountability, and I needed support. I hired an online coach to help me, I Surpassed my weight loss goal and finally had a body I loved.
So many people have a background in sports and exercise but find themselves exactly where I was about 4 years ago- unhappy with their body and lifestyle. Now I'm on a mission to help former athletes learn how to get #MadFit with sustainable results.


We work daily to become our best self and to awaken our inner champion.
Obstacles are our opportunities.
Challenge = Change.
We are strong.
We are determined.
We are Mad Fit.

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